Susanne Jacqueline

Creative in Copenhagen

Susanne Jacqueline

Creative in Copenhagen

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I am an Artist - and I tell Stories, Write & Copywrite. And I am a Visual Designer, Set Designer & Decorator - and not last, a Solution minded Sales & Marketing Specialist with a global mindset.

Also an experienced Experiencemaker and Brand Activator, creating & producing Creative Events and new immersive and engaging Experiences.

I am founder and Artist of TRASH ROYAL - The Art of Upcycling, an affordable Sustainable Luxury concept of Feb. 2013.

I have been artistic since early childhood.

Highly specialized in marketing and a salesperson by heart, I have upheld senior management leadership positions in the International Information Technology Industry and Education & Training Industry, before I in year 2007 made the decision to make my hobby my living.

Born in Copenhagen and my Nordic cultural heritage goes deep, yet I have an international outlook.

I discover pleasure in simple things and I prefer genuineness - and I define a luxury experience by the significance it brings to my life. My life is more about "being" versus "having".

I use my knowledge to seek out the best rather than the most expensive. Rather than "flash and luxury" I am seeking more quality, meaning, authenticity, emotion, sense of humor and connection.

I believe that it is our inherent responsibility as designers and artists to consider all design decisions in relation to our impact on the environment.

Supporter of Wildlife protection, the fight against Climate Change & trade with endagered species. And a believer in Social Justice.

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